How does the system work ?

Our logistics service works as follows.

● Step 1: Register and receive a customer number.

To streamline your process, we ask you to register with T&E Logistics. After registering your general data, we will assign you a customer number and provide your mailbox address in the United States. The process is free and in the end, you will be able to use the service. To begin the process please contact your T&E Logistics representative or fill out the form below.

● Step 2: Make your purchase in the United States and/or Canada.

Once the registration is complete, if you already have your customer number, you can start using the service. We ask that you carry out the purchase process with the store and/or supplier of your choice. If you wish, we offer you assistance in making your purchase, to learn more about this program we ask you to visit (add a link for the Purchase Assistance Program service) –section link–

● Step 3: Confirm the shipping method for your purchase.

For your convenience, we offer two ways to send your purchase to us. You can send the shipment by making the shipping arrangements with your store and/or supplier directly or A prepaid shipping label can be generated from UPS so that a courier can collect your order and transport it to our company in the United States.

● Step 4: Confirmation of receipt of your purchase.

Upon receiving your package we will let you know by sending an email to the account registered in your customer profile.

● Payment 5: Payment of the service

Upon receipt of your purchase, we will review the content to ensure that the content arrived in excellent condition, complies with Customs Mexico importation regulations, and is ready to be shipped to its final destination in Mexico. We present an invoice describing the number of boxes, measurements, and weight of each box. In the case of merchandise, the number of pallets, their dimensions, and weight per pallet will be offered. Note: Payment is requested before processing your order. Check Payment Options

● Step 6: Preparation and start of the import process.

After receiving payment for the service, we will start the importation process. A T&E Logistics agent will present your purchase to the Customs Mexico authorities to guarantee its prompt importation to Mexico and according to the contracted service we will process: documentation and payment of import duties.

● Step 7: Receive your shipping guide number within Mexico.

After processing the release of your merchandise by Customs Mexico, we will collect the merchandise and carry out the process of preparing your purchase to be sent to its final destination in Mexico. We offer the option of making the delivery of your purchase through a home delivery service or it can pick up directly in-store. At this time you will be assigned a tracking number for your comfort and safety.

● Step 8: Receive your purchase in Mexico.

Depending on the selected shipping option, your purchase will be sent to you.

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